Press release UEVG 01/2019 (English)

Press release UEVG (Uniting Eritrean Voices in Germany e.V. (umbrella organization of the Eritrean diaspora in Germany) 01/2019 


Today the constituent assembly of the association “Uniting Eritrean Voices in Germany e.V. (umbrella organization of the Eritrean diaspora in Germany)” took place in Berlin. The registered association (UEVG / DEDD) considers itself – with participation of numerous Eritrean organizations and associations, which are active in Germany – as an umbrella organization of the Eritrean diaspora in Germany and will be based in Wiesbaden. The association expressly welcomes the participation of other Eritrean organizations, associations and individuals who, for various reasons, could not attend the constituent meeting. 

As the overarching goal of this umbrella organization, the association wishes to strengthen and promote relations between the Eritrean diaspora and public and private institutions of the Federal Republic of Germany in the spirit of peaceful cooperation, while acting as the representative body of the Eritrean Diaspora in Germany for cooperation with German politics and the public. 

Other objectives include:

       1. The promotion of an international sentiment of tolerance in all areas of    culture and the concept of international understanding. 

  1. The general promotion of democratic governance, without pursuing specific private interests or limited to local politics. 
  2. Support and strengthen the Eritrean community to promote tolerance, understanding and friendship among the Eritrean Diaspora. 4. To perceive and take into account the partly different views, opinions and fields of action of the members in Germany and to develop a common strategy based on common interests. 
  3. To promote inclusion, solidarity and cooperation in accordance with a democratic and pluralistic society. 

For the first two-year period, a board was elected, which also reflects the plurality of organizations and associations active in Germany. 

Dr. Almaz Zerai (chairman) Mr. Mahmud Osman (Vice Chairman) Mr. Samson Solomon (Vice Chairman) Mr. Jacob Abraham (treasurer) Mrs.Rut Bahta (legal counsel) 

plus assessors: Mrs. Kamesi Abobaker Mr. Hamed Omer Mr. Alamin Ahmed Salih Mrs. Salwa Nour Mr. Abdulkadir Shifa Mr. Zerai Kiros Abraham.

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